Earned wage access

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Ekko’s financial wellness package empowers your employees, enhancing their financial wellbeing, and creating a healthier workforce for your company.


Boosting financial wellness and nurturing prosperous workforces across South-East Asian enterprises.

How Ekko works

Earned Wage Access (EWA) is a revolutionary salary payment model that allows employees to access their earned wages whenever needed, without having to wait until payday. Ekko introduces a new state of financial flow, benefiting employees, businesses, and, in turn society and economy at large.

EKKO Application

Access your earned wage anytime and anywhere

With just 3 simple steps, in 15 seconds, the money will appear in your employee’s bank account, no matter what time of the day or what day it is

Financial Education Module

Our financial education program addresses real-world financial literacy concerns, empowering workers to enhance their understanding, skills, and management of finances.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

The Ekko app is designed based on research into the usage habits of workers of all ages, creating an intuitive interface and simple operations even for older workers.

Admin Portal

Simple and Centralized control

HR can monitor, adjust, and track salary advances for their staff and set different salary caps for various departments and roles.

Data Visualisation

Our reports help gauge engagement patterns of your employees and potential financial issues, facilitating proactive support for those in need.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer support 24/07 for you and your employees via our hotline, Facebook page and email.


Ekko strive to help employers keep their workers safe and happy


Ekko helps workers in the service industry reduce financial stress, so they can focus more on their work and increase their work efficiency.


Ekko bridges the gap between healthcare workers and their salaries, helping them feel financially secure in order to fulfilling their noble mission.


Our earned wage access is a safe and simple solution that helps teachers feel alleviate financial stress and continue to strive and move forward.


Ekko is an effective solution package that helps manufacturing workers significantly improve their financial knowledge and practices.

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How can Ekko benefit...​

Cashflow benefits

Your business can receive certain financial benefits from using Ekko's funds to advance salary for your employees, along with flexibility in reimbursement time.

Attract and retain talent

Prioritizing the financial health of the employees will give your business a better competitive edge over other traditional welfare packages.

Practice ESG

Partnering with a financial wellness solution helps employers achieve ESG goals through creating a responsible, sustainable and comprehensive workplace.

Receive safe and flexible

You can request access to salary 24/07 in 03 steps and receive the money after 15 seconds.

You can use Ekko even
with a bad credit history

Ekko's inclusive approach allowing everyone, to access earned wages and achieve financial wellness

Understand and manage
finances effectively

Our personal finance course can provide you with the knowledge to take charge of your finances.

Stay away from
"loan sharks"

Ekko can help you avoid predatory lending and unethical debt collection practices


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