Improve your employees’ financial wellbeing with salary on demand

Offering your employees the ability to access their income in the time of need helps your business recruit high-quality and committed employees.

EKKO Enables your employees to access their earned wages on demand instead of having to wait until payday.

With Ekko, you have an additional tool to attract and retain employees as well as cultivate financial wellbeing among them without any costs.

Foster better
ESG and CSR practice

Lower turnover rate;
Decrease Recruitment cost

Build progressive, harmonious,
and stable labor relations

Earned Wage Access


Earned Wage Access is an innovative payroll scheme that allows employees to access their wage 24/7, whenever they need - instead of waiting till monthly payday.

Our Earned Wage Access solution Ekko helps businesses to foster healthy working environment where their employees can achieve financial wellbeing.

What our users say about us?

"Last day of the month, paycheck in hand
Nowadays, flexible pay is in demand
No more stress, no more delay
Download Ekko app, get paid right away
Ekko is the way to go
Access your pay, no more sorrow"

Mr. Khánh
Security Officer - Ecopark Group

"I think this (Ekko) is pretty decent, and convenience in the way that it fulfill my needs.

Of course there is a risk of overusing, but I only use it when the situation is dire."

Mr. Minh
Technical Officer - Evergreen Invest

"Ekko is such a simple yet effective solution to our problems. It does not only helps building trust and positive connection between colleagues but also a tool that our HR department can use to take better care of staffs."

Ms. Liên
HR Department - Greenfield School


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    Frequently asked questions

    Ekko provides an earned-wage-access technological platform, allowing your employees to proactively access their earned wages based on individual needs; which is entirely different from traditional payday loans:
    • No interest, no hidden fees, no late payment fees
    • No debt collection involved

    Your business does not have to pay any cost to implement Ekko. Furthermore, our earned wage access solution Ekko provides other helpful feature FREE of charge:

    • Timekeeping
    • Wage access approval
    • Payslip

    Ekko front the money that  your employees access before payday. Your business's cash flow will not be affected by implementing Ekko's earned wage access solution

    Implementing Ekko will reduce the amount of paperwork related to salary advancing, facilitating the digitization process of you business

    Using Ekko, your employees are not required to pay any fees or interest except for the fee for using the technological platform, which is CLEARLY displayed on the application every time workers access their earned wage. If they do not access their wage, you both will NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING.

    The earned wage access solution, Ekko, is a human-centered solution that helps your employees access their earned wages (rather than allowing them to withdraw beyond their ability) without requiring a credit history check. Ekko can help workers who have lost the ability to borrow access their wages to pay for unexpected expenses before payday.