Improve your employees’ financial wellbeing with salary on demand

Offering your employees the ability to access their income in the time of need helps your business recruit high-quality and committed employees.

EKKO Enables your employees to
access their earned wages
on demand instead of having to wait until payday.

“98% of our employees who have tried Earned Wage Access solution by EKKO are satisfied”- Ms. Vương Thanh Nga. Chief Human Resources Officer at Ecopark Group shared with the Journal of Labor and Trade Union.

Foster better
ESG and CSR practices

Decrease turnover rate and
Recruitment cost

Build long term
loyal labor relations

Earned Wage Access


Earned Wage Access (EWA), now enabled by technology, opens the floodgates for what’s possible for all. We break the status quo and introduce a new state of financial flow.

Life is not predictable after all – it ebbs and flows, and pay should be accessed in a way that’s aligned to this reality.


What our users say about us?

"Last day of the month, paycheck in hand
Nowadays, flexible pay is in demand
No more stress, no more delay
Download Ekko app, get paid right away
Ekko is the way to go
Access your pay, no more sorrow"

Mr. Khánh
Security Officer - Ecopark Group

I have wanted to implement services like this for a while. Ekko is very good and my employees are satisfied with it.

With a solution like this, We hope that our employees will stay with us for a long time.

Mr. Takashi Mori
Chief Executive Officer - Atalian Global Vietnam

"Ekko is such a simple yet effective solution to our problems. It does not only helps building trust and positive connection between colleagues but also a tool that our HR department can use to take better care of staffs."

Ms. Liên
HR Manager- Greenfield School


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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the difference between Ekko and payday loan?

    Ekko is an Earned Wage Access (EWA) product that works in partnership with employers. It enables employees to access a portion of their already-earned wages before their regular payday and is integrated with the employer’s payroll system.

    • No interest and hidden fees
    • No debt collection

    On the other hand, a payday loan is a short-term, high-cost loan that is provided directly to the employee.

    What are the charges to sign up with Ekko?

    Collaborating with Ekko as an employer involves no financial commitment. Our financial wellness platform can be seamlessly integrated into your HR and workforce management system, without any impact on your working capital, since Ekko directly provides all funds.

    A transaction fee is incurred when employees opt to access their earned wages. This fee can either be paid by the employer or passed on to the employees depending on company policy.

    Does Ekko create more workload for HR department?

    Implementing Ekko is designed to be as seamless and straightforward as possible, ensuring no additional burden is placed on your HR department. Our system is automated and integrates directly with your existing payroll system, meaning your HR staff can continue their work with minimal disruption.

    Do my employees need a good credit score to access Ekko?

    We allow your employees to tap into their earned wages as needed. It operates without necessitating a credit history check, thereby assisting those employees who may have difficulty borrowing due to past financial challenges.

    How long does it take to start offering Ekko to my employees?

    It takes between 2-3 weeks for a company to offer Ekko to their employees.